DELL Optiplex 3050 3060 series, after Windows 10 Update Headset mic not working

Dell Optiplex 3050/3060 desktop PC, after windows 10 update, the connected headset mic not working, the headset only can use for listening, cannot talk…The Jack Mic is not recognize by the system.

By default, when headset is inserted into the front panel universal audio jack, there will pop out to asking which device is plugged in.

The issue is due to the audio driver settings which auto change the plug in device to headphone causing Jack mic is not recognized.

For realtek audio driver, u need to go to C:\ProgramFiles\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkNGUI64.exe to open Dell Audio Application.

For non realtek audio driver which using MaxxAudioPro application, u can open it through Start Menu.

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