Fix Tesco BM10 Electric Bread Maker drive shaft not moving

My wife Tesco BM10 electric bread maker after using for 3 years plus, suddenly the drive shaft malfunction and not moving accordingly with noisy sound.

When I check the bread maker bottom, many plastic debris came out, I suspect the drive shaft belt/pulley worn out.

To replace the belt is quite simple:

  1. Take out the pan and the kneading paddle. Reverse the maker. Removes  6 screws. (*2 middle special screws)

2. Reverse the maker again, open the cover, unscrew all the bottom screws.

3. Disconnect one connector when removing the upper part and u will reach the drive shaft bottom part.

4. Unscrew and flip over the drive shaft, and u will see the broken belt.

5. The belt is totally melt and need to clean up.

6. Once cleaned up, hook up new belt and reassemble back everything.

The belt is not very hard to replace and cost around RM20+/- only. Thus, u can try replace it without buying a new bread maker.

Belt can be purchase from below link:


Paddle can be purchase from below link:

32 in 1 Screw drivers can be purchase from below link:

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44 thoughts on “Fix Tesco BM10 Electric Bread Maker drive shaft not moving

  1. Jasmine Reply

    you really a hero to me…i just encounter the same problem today..gosh tot need to get a new BM but then u save me up…thanks anthony 🙂

  2. Jasmine Reply

    Hi Anthony, u referring that special screw, can i actually get that kind of special screw driver in the market?

  3. Anthony Reply

    Luckily my 32 in 1 screw driver tools got this type. The tri-point or Y-type security screw head is similar to the Phillips screw head, but it has three points rather than four.

    U can purchase this kind of screw at electronic shop or computer shop. Recommend u to take a photo of the screw.

  4. Diana Chua Reply

    Thanks. The same thing happened to me last night. I was baking bread but smelt a funny burning smell. When the bread was baked and I lifted up the bread maker to put it away there were bits of burnt rubber on the kitchen counter below the bread maker. Good thing my bread was baked but was slightly lopsided.

  5. hllee Reply

    For those who plan to DIY . .do note that it is not that easy to open the screws.. .Altogether there are about 21 screws position

  6. OOI TEE HONG Reply

    Would like to know where I can buy the Tesco BM10 bread maker belt and how much does it cost?

  7. TamLF Reply

    Looks like the coupling gear on my motor drive shaft wear out as well. Any replacement for that?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Do u have the photo for the coupling gear u want?

  8. Hadirah Reply

    Hye i just bought it but the machine drive is not moving is it possible that i have the same problem as yours.

  9. Lin Reply

    Terima kasih bnyk2 info u… Sngt membantu… Saya pun belting dh hancur… Baru nak order yg baru..tergerak hati nak google jumpa info you… Tq😍

  10. Ad Reply

    Do u know how to open the main board? Because my start/stop function is not working, wanna open to check but unable to ope

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      There is only 1 main board on the bread maker, above step 3 is the main board next to the motor, where the panel is connected to this board. Suggest u to check the harness/cable connection.

  11. Alicia Reply

    Hi Anthony,
    Do you encounter problem whereby the pan seal at the bottom melted? This is where the paddle is inserted. Mine did and I’m wondering long term would it be a problem.

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      U mean the O-ring? U need to replace it when it worn out.

      U can find at car accessories shop with below measurements.

  12. Alicia Reply

    The white colour ring is it plastic?

    The 0 ring goes in first then the white ring?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      The white color just a seal, no need to touch it, just add the o ring.

  13. Uya Reply

    I’ve changed the belt, but the problem not solved also, the drive shaft still malfunction😭. Do you know other possibility that might happened to my bm, please help.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Uya,

      There are 3 possibilities where the drive shaft not moving/malfunction.

      1. The belt is over tighten, u can try loosen it a bit and see…
      2. Motor faulty
      3. PCB board faulty

      Motor & PCB board is expensive, not worth to replace.

  14. Atisha Reply

    Thanks for the detailed guide – I opened my breadmaker and the belt is not broken – it seems intact to me. Yet it’s not turning. It’s the motor part that seems heavy to turn. The oven bakes otherwise just doesn’t turn. If belt is unbroken it can’t be the belt problem right?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      When u turn on the maker is there any moving noise?
      U can check whether the motor is turning without the belt? If Yes, probably the pulley wheel or belt too tight… If No, probably the motor or board issue which is not cheap and not worth to repair.

  15. Mimi Reply

    I tried to open it but few of the screws are just so tight that it won’t move 😭.
    I’m in ipoh. If there is any place that I send for repair this bm. Please let me know. Thanks

  16. wiwi Reply

    Hi. I opened up and the belt fall out from the ring… and I found the black ring was loose… can this be fixed?

  17. Atisha Reply

    Can I know what is the size of the Tesco belt for BM10 model? Is it S3M-537? I need the perimeter of the belt. Lazada sells lots from oversea only specify size not model of breadmaker.

  18. Teh Leh Kah Reply

    Me too. The screw in the BM10 is too tight. Cannot unscrew. Especially those in the breakmaker.
    The screw is too near to the heating element. So, it makes it even harder to unscrew.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      U need to use smaller size screw driver, and also remove the screw that holding the heating element to give u some space.

  19. Siti Reply

    Hi anthony. Mine was ezion brand. I suspect that the belting is having a problem..however,i’m not good in repairing things. Can i send it to you?tq

  20. Wanie Reply

    Try google..aii…terjumpa cara nak repaire bm ni..allah..xtah buang duit gitu je..nanti nak beli belt tu..tq ye awak…

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