Fix Tesco BM10 Electric Bread Maker drive shaft not moving

My wife Tesco BM10 electric bread maker after using for 3 years plus, suddenly the drive shaft malfunction and not moving accordingly with noisy sound.

When I check the bread maker bottom, many plastic debris came out, I suspect the drive shaft belt/pulley worn out.

To replace the belt is quite simple:

  1. Take out the pan and the kneading paddle. Reverse the maker. Removes  6 screws. (*2 middle special screws)

2. Reverse the maker again, open the cover, unscrew all the bottom screws.

3. Disconnect one connector when removing the upper part and u will reach the drive shaft bottom part.

4. Unscrew and flip over the drive shaft, and u will see the broken belt.

5. The belt is totally melt and need to clean up.

6. Once cleaned up, hook up new belt and reassemble back everything.

The belt is not very hard to replace and cost around RM20+/- only. Thus, u can try replace it without buying a new bread maker.

Update: Received many comment regarding where to buy the belt, u can buy from below facebook group, and I’m not selling the parts…TQ

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15 thoughts on “Fix Tesco BM10 Electric Bread Maker drive shaft not moving

    • Bake Ling Reply

      Thanks for your prompt reply. I asked this question on behalf of my ex-neighbour ( she doesn’t know how to go online to check it out. Thanks again !

  1. Jasmine Reply

    you really a hero to me…i just encounter the same problem today..gosh tot need to get a new BM but then u save me up…thanks anthony 🙂

  2. Jasmine Reply

    Hi Anthony, u referring that special screw, can i actually get that kind of special screw driver in the market?

  3. Anthony Reply

    Luckily my 32 in 1 screw driver tools got this type. The tri-point or Y-type security screw head is similar to the Phillips screw head, but it has three points rather than four.

    U can purchase this kind of screw at electronic shop or computer shop. Recommend u to take a photo of the screw.

  4. Diana Chua Reply

    Thanks. The same thing happened to me last night. I was baking bread but smelt a funny burning smell. When the bread was baked and I lifted up the bread maker to put it away there were bits of burnt rubber on the kitchen counter below the bread maker. Good thing my bread was baked but was slightly lopsided.

  5. hllee Reply

    For those who plan to DIY . .do note that it is not that easy to open the screws.. .Altogether there are about 21 screws position

  6. OOI TEE HONG Reply

    Would like to know where I can buy the Tesco BM10 bread maker belt and how much does it cost?

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