Pos Laju EziBox

Pos Malaysia has been promoting its new Pos Laju EziBox service, which enables customers to pick up their parcels free of charge at 24/7 parcel lockers. The service is primarily designed as an alternative means of getting parcels to customers who missed a home delivery.

Pos Laju EziBox is now available at Ipoh Perak where I managed to spot it at Petronas Sunway Tambun & Petronas Jalan Raja Dihilir/Canning Garden.

Previously, when Pos Laju unable to deliver parcel to your house, it will send back to Pos Laju Ipoh Centre which is located at Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab that nearby railway station where u need to go there to collect. Now, they will send the parcel to nearby EziBox and message customer to collect there. Is much more convenient to us where we can go the EziBox nearby our are to collect instead of Ipoh centre.

Customers receive an SMS notifying them to collect their parcel at a PosLaju EziBox within 48 hours, along with a secure one-time PIN number that they use to open the lockers.

Pos Laju EziBox is a safe, fast and convenient way to collect and drop off your Pos Laju parcel. It is available 24/7 at strategic locations.

Advantages of using Pos Laju EziBox

  • – Pos Laju EziBox is available at more than 110 locations strategically placed in post offices, petrol stations, supermarkets, universities, train stations and many more.
  • – You will have access to the self-service machine anytime (24/7) so you can collect or drop off your Pos Laju items any time at your convenience.
  • – It is free, highly secured and easy to use.
  • – It is complete with tracking and electronic log record.

Features of Pos Laju EziBox

  • – Use Pos Laju EziBox as your delivery address for your Pos Laju parcel*.
  • – You can also collect your missed deliveries shipments at the designated Pos Laju EziBox.

    *Only available for Pos Laju deliveries.


  • – You can drop off your Pos Laju Prepaid Envelope (all sizes) or Pos Laju Prepaid Box (up to M size) for posting.
  • – Pos Laju contract customer can now drop your shipment for posting at your nearest Pos Laju EziBox.

4 thoughts on “Pos Laju EziBox

  1. Laila Reply

    Recently I just got my parcel send for EziBox for the first time.
    And thank you for this post, clarifying what I need to do.
    Also kudos for poslaju for this convenient initiative. Instead of driving to Ipoh center, we can retrieve the items near our house for 24/7.

      • Anthony Post authorReply

        If parcel collection no need, u will receive a sms containing consignment number, pin number & Ezibox location for you to retrieve your parcel.

  2. Hansel Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    Just put the ezibox address as recipient address during online shopping checkout, is it work this way? Because day time not at home, nobody can receive the item.

    By the way, I wondered if the ezibox is fully utilized by sender and receiver at the moment, how poslaju will handle it. 🤔

    I have no experience on this ezibox service, please advise.

    Many thanks

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