Setup Unifi on ZTE ZXHN H267A Home Gateway Single Box

First of all, connect PC LAN cable to ZTE LAN port, RJ11 phone line to ZTE DSL port. If got phone, can connect to ZTE phone 1 port.

Once everything is connected, power up the ZTE. On PC side, use dynamic IP adress, let ZTE assign the IP. When networking is up, open browser and type “” to login to ZTE web config.

The default username is “tmadmin”, where the password is “Adm@xxxx” where the xxxx is the last 4 digits of ZTE MAC ID.

Since my unifi is single box, I need to select Router (SUBB) mode for the default configuration.

Next, We setup the Internet WAN first, follow by wireless network WLAN.

On the PPPoE_VD & PPPoE_AD, we need to setup the PPP with unifi username & password.

After finish WAN setup, we move to WLAN. Since the ZTE support both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, u can select which 1 u want to turn on or both. * It depends on client device support which band

2.4Ghz is for 802.11b/g/n wireless mode
5Ghz is for 802.11a/n/ac wireless mode *Date streaming faster
Click this link to check the differences

The ZTE support 4 SSIDs for each band. In my case, I turn on both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, thus I need to set 1 2.4Ghz SSID & 1 5Ghz SSID. For SSID name, I put different name so that I know which band I connected to, and the password we can put same for both band.

That’s all, above is the basic steps to setup up internet & wireless for unifi broadband on ZTE home gateway.



14 thoughts on “Setup Unifi on ZTE ZXHN H267A Home Gateway Single Box

  1. Hadi Reply

    So i got this modem at home and i unsatisfied with it. First of all the DSL/WAN and Internet led light is usually not light on which means there is no wide area network and internet connection i guess… Second,i want to ask is this model is already came with router or does it need router to get internet connection. THANK YOU

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      This model built in wireless router+modem. If u experience DSL/WAN connection error or no connection, u might need to check your phone line…

  2. jimi Reply

    i did put the last 4 mac id but it didnt work,, any other suggestion??

    • Anthony Reply

      Your ZTE is supplied by TM? If TM they will preset the username to tmadmin/tmuser…Perhaps your router has been changed to other password…

      What u can do is trying the below link for ZTE default logins…

      If you still can not get logged in then you are probably going to have to reset your router to its default settings…

  3. amir Reply

    hi bro, how to set dns on ZXHN H267A router.
    i tried to change but it still show the unifi dns

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      U can set DNS on both router & client PC

      Go to Local Network –> DNS

      Client PC
      Go to Network & Sharing –> Wireless/Local Area Connection –> Properties –> IPv4 –> Properties

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Under router, Internet –> DSL link information, Actual Rate(Up/Down) is the speed your line capable.
      U can also run internet speed test via to check the actual download/upload rate.

  4. TIM Reply

    Hi man…

    I got this model in my organization. My question is how do I configure it as direct PPPOE to my fortinet? Like other fiber modem, direct PPPOE to my firewall. The firewall will then have the public IP address for us to use for external access.

      • TIM Reply

        Tried that before but it’s not work. It wont dial up via my firewall. I have been configured several time between Unifi device & multiple brand of firewall, it’s working fine, but that time all come with modem & router. Only the recent ZTE model single box released by TM is not working. Do you have any idea what should I do in the recent ZTE H276A? What services scenarios should select?

  5. Sam Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    My LAN and Wifi devices cannot be joined. But my internet is running well. is there any filtering or security for this. Your advice are very much appreciated. Please help. Thank you very much.

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Hi Sam,

      LAN suppose to work out of the box without any setup, unlike wifi need setup ssid & password…
      If cannot connect to modem using LAN or Wifi, u cannot check the modem settings…

      Anyhow, u can try connect LAN cable from your PC to the modem, see from the modem LAN port got green light or not, following by checking your pc networking status, check the IP address, subnet mask & gateway.
      By default, once connected PC via LAN, u will get following:

      IP address:
      Subnet mask:

      Then, u can check your dns setting, by default is using modem dns, u can try change to google dns Some configuration require to key in dns in order to access internet.

      Once LAN is working, then only u can proceed to check the wifi status…

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