Fix Panasonic Remote Ceiling Fan Slow Speed

Not sure after 5 or 7 years, both my house ceiling remote control fan got speed issue where only can run on lowest speed, how u change the speed it still turn slow…

After asked Dr. G, it is due to the board issue, which is common issue for remote ceiling fan. So there are 2 ways to fix it, replace whole board or replace the components on the board. Whole board cost higher, but easier to do. Likewise, replace components (Capacitor) cost lower, but need to find parts and soldering tool to do. So, is up to individual skill level and pocket…haha

First, we need to stop the fan, make sure is power off. Then, we remove the outer cover, u will see marking on the cover, just twist it to unlock and take out.


After that, unscrew 3 screws and we can reach the board side.


There is no screw on the board, it just secured by 2 clip, remove 2 connectors and open the clip, we can take out the board.

Below is the board, I brought the board 2-3 years back, not sure is RM70 or RM80, wait till now only replace…haha. Before that I asked electronic components shop, they said no such capacitor, told me to buy whole board…Some places I heard got selling components, try survey few electronic shop before making decision.

Replace whole board, now my remote ceiling fan finally can go high speed.


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