Glass Hob Fire Combustion Not Even or Abnormal Condition

Recently my wife complained that the built-in glass hob fire combustion not in normal condition, and causing the pan burned. Other than that, while cooking it will also cause noisy gas sound which freak her out.

I’ve helped her removed the burner and do some cleaning, suspect the burner is blocked causing the fire not even, but found out that the problematic outlet gap & stand is deformed.

All these years my wife mostly use the right burner, thus this burner worn out faster than the left one. Since dunno where to get this stuff, temporary swapped left burner parts to right burner.

Then my wife ordered online whole set of burner which includes inner gap, outer gap & the stand. The replacement is very simple, no screw, no lock, just take out old one replace with new one.

Now the burner fire combustion is even or normal. The new cap & stand is in black color which matched my glass hob.






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