How to Check Perodua Bezza Car Battery is Low or Weak

Today I would like to share some symptoms of Perodua Bezza car battery is low or weak, so that we can replace it before it fail.

1. Eco idle *Advance variant only

Eco idle intermittent or not working at all when battery is weak

2. Default car player bluetooth fail*Advance & Premium X variant only

When we start engine, car player bluetooth will auto connect to phone. But when battery is weak, it will not work.

3. Fuel gauge

Fuel gauge not accurate compared to usual, sudden high or low.

4. Clicking sound when start engine

Since Bezza is using start button to start engine, clicking sound not easy to hear compared to key.

5. Battery tester

Battery life only 18%. The initial SOH of the battery is 100 %, when the SOH of the battery declines to 70 % or 80 % or less, the battery is usually considered to have reached its end of life.

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