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I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for more than 2 years, and my skill is still in beginner level… Learning Photoshop can be a long process though and learning it can be a bumpy ride of trial and error.

In the last year, Adobe has released 50 episodes of their online series of short tutorials, Photoshop Playbook. Totaling about 3.2 million minutes watched, the videos answers the questions that are most asked of Adobe about Photoshop. The following index can help you speed up the learning process.


The Photoshop Playbook

  1. Selective Focus
  2. Making Fine Hair Selections
  3. Adding Borders to Images
  4. Light Correction and Removing Unwanted Objects
  5. Creating Panoramas
  6. Improving iPhone Images
  7. Get a Great Group Shot with Two Photos
  8. Cropping and Straightening Photos
  9. Creating Natural Looking Exposures
  10. Black and White Conversion
  11. Removing Red Eye and Whitening Teeth
  12. How to Create Animated GIFs
  13. Optimizing Photoshop Performance
  14. Removing Sensitive Location Information
  15. Hiding Sensitive Information in Images
  16. Editing and Manipulating Images in Perspective
  17. Removing Objects from Images (Advanced)
  18. Adding and Removing Lens Flare
  19. Intro to Non-Destructive Techniques Using Smart Objects/Filters
  20. Selective Color Manipulation
  21. Swapping Pet Heads
  22. Fixing Pet-Eye and Making Text Bubbles
  23. Adding People to Images
  24. How to Add a New Sky — Compositing Basics
  25. Getting Started with HDR Images
  26. How to Resize Images
  27. Selective Edits – Dodging, Burning and Sharpening
  28. Masking Video for Special Effects
  29. Changing Orientation From Portrait to Landscape and Beyond
  30. Warping, Distorting and Directly Manipulating Images
  31. Video for Everyone in Photoshop
  32. How to Use Presets (in Images & Video)
  33. Masking Images to Shapes and Type
  34. What You Need to Know About Sharpening Images
  35. How to Use Curves
  36. Plug-ins – Get More Out of Photoshop
  37. Adding Texture to Photographs
  38. Noise Reduction in Photoshop
  39. How to Get a Still Image from a Video
  40. Lens Correction in Photoshop
  41. Photoshop and Photoshop Mix: Mobile Masking, Compositing and Selections
  42. How to Use Adobe Bridge
  43. Image File Formats Explained: When to Save As What
  44. How to Blend Multiple Images with Different Depths of Field
  45. How to Use the DNG Profile Editor to Adjust Color and Light
  46. How to Create a Vignette in Photoshop
  47. How to Turn a Photograph into a Painting in Photoshop
  48. Photoshop Playbook: How to Use Filters in Photoshop (and which not to use)
  49. How to Adjust Lighting in Post Production Using Photoshop
  50. Greatest Hits From the JDI (Just Do It) Project

-via Adobe, SlrLounge, Petapixel

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