Play PUBG on Used Asus Desktop PC

Lately I’ve brought used Asus M32 series desktop PC. Before that I’ve planned to setup a new AMD Ryzen 5 PC in order to play PUBG PC version which require higher specs.
End up my brother brought new AMD desktop, thus he sold his used Asus desktop to me. Even is used PC, the specs is not bad. (at least for me haha)

On the other hand, Steam also having autumn sales, where the PUBG discount 50%, with less than RM40 I’ve brought my first genuine game in my life. I’ve still remember those early years I only brought pirate CD games…Now technology really advance, after purchase just head to download the games and play, very easy, but require decent Internet speed because the file quite big (20GB).

Overall, I can play PUBG nicely on the used PC, even with high graphic settings also it can run smoothly, but can notice the GPU running full force when playing this kind of game. Anyhow, I’m satisfied with the result, and save a lots of money from buying new PC.

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PC Specs:

Intel i5-6400 12GB RAM

2GB Nvidia Geforce GTX750Ti

240GB SSD (Windows 10 OS)

500GB HDD (Games folder)

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