Setup Streamyx on TPLink TD-W8961n Wireless Router Modem

To setup Streamyx on the TPLink TD-W8961n wireless router modem is very simple, u can do it without using the wizard.

1. Go to “Interface Setup” –> “Internet”. Select PVC2 as your virtual circuit, PPPOE for encapsulation, following by your streamyx username & password.

2. Then, go to “Wireless”, change the access point setting to “Malaysia”.

3. Lastly, enter your desire SSID, authentication type & password. Save all the settings and reboot router.

4 thoughts on “Setup Streamyx on TPLink TD-W8961n Wireless Router Modem

  1. Syafiq Reply

    This modem router is annoying me so hard right now. Followed your guide but cant seem to get it to work. Even unifi help cant help me out lol

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      As what I know, this TPLink TD-W8961n model support Streamyx only, not unifi…

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