Setup Unifi on ZTE ZXHN H267A Home Gateway Single Box

First of all, connect PC LAN cable to ZTE LAN port, RJ11 phone line to ZTE DSL port. If got phone, can connect to ZTE phone 1 port.

Once everything is connected, power up the ZTE. On PC side, use dynamic IP adress, let ZTE assign the IP. When networking is up, open browser and type “” to login to ZTE web config.

The default username is “tmadmin”, where the password is “Adm@xxxx” where the xxxx is the last 4 digits of ZTE MAC ID.

Since my unifi is single box, I need to select Router (SUBB) mode for the default configuration.

Next, We setup the Internet WAN first, follow by wireless network WLAN.

On the PPPoE_VD & PPPoE_AD, we need to setup the PPP with unifi username & password.

After finish WAN setup, we move to WLAN. Since the ZTE support both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, u can select which 1 u want to turn on or both. * It depends on client device support which band

2.4Ghz is for 802.11b/g/n wireless mode
5Ghz is for 802.11a/n/ac wireless mode *Date streaming faster
Click this link to check the differences

The ZTE support 4 SSIDs for each band. In my case, I turn on both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, thus I need to set 1 2.4Ghz SSID & 1 5Ghz SSID. For SSID name, I put different name so that I know which band I connected to, and the password we can put same for both band.

That’s all, above is the basic steps to setup up internet & wireless for unifi broadband on ZTE home gateway.



104 thoughts on “Setup Unifi on ZTE ZXHN H267A Home Gateway Single Box

  1. Hadi Reply

    So i got this modem at home and i unsatisfied with it. First of all the DSL/WAN and Internet led light is usually not light on which means there is no wide area network and internet connection i guess… Second,i want to ask is this model is already came with router or does it need router to get internet connection. THANK YOU

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      This model built in wireless router+modem. If u experience DSL/WAN connection error or no connection, u might need to check your phone line…

  2. jimi Reply

    i did put the last 4 mac id but it didnt work,, any other suggestion??

    • Anthony Reply

      Your ZTE is supplied by TM? If TM they will preset the username to tmadmin/tmuser…Perhaps your router has been changed to other password…

      What u can do is trying the below link for ZTE default logins…

      If you still can not get logged in then you are probably going to have to reset your router to its default settings…

        • didi2005 Post authorReply


          Login router, there is factory reset under Management & Diagnosis, System Management, Factory Reset Management.

        • Huzzir Reply

          Or alternatively, there’s a pin hole Reset next to the power input jack… while it’s switched off just stick a paper clip in it with low pressure while turning the power on… wait for a while (10secs if I m not mistaken), till the front-face lights on the modem blinked (or something like that, cant remember it anymore if u want to be sure just check the ZTE online site or just type factory reset ZTE H267A on google)… wait for few more secs then try to log into at with tmadmin/Adm@xxxx (login/password – case sensitive, and xxxx is the last 4 digits of your MAC address normally can be found on a sticker label at the back of your modem) and VIOLA! done…. hope this help…

      • Jhon Reply

        Oye trato de intentar entrar y no puedo no se si es el Mac adress mio es
        No si es con mas mayusculas
        Pero no me deja entrar si ellas tampoco

  3. amir Reply

    hi bro, how to set dns on ZXHN H267A router.
    i tried to change but it still show the unifi dns

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      U can set DNS on both router & client PC

      Go to Local Network –> DNS

      Client PC
      Go to Network & Sharing –> Wireless/Local Area Connection –> Properties –> IPv4 –> Properties

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Under router, Internet –> DSL link information, Actual Rate(Up/Down) is the speed your line capable.
      U can also run internet speed test via to check the actual download/upload rate.

  4. TIM Reply

    Hi man…

    I got this model in my organization. My question is how do I configure it as direct PPPOE to my fortinet? Like other fiber modem, direct PPPOE to my firewall. The firewall will then have the public IP address for us to use for external access.

      • TIM Reply

        Tried that before but it’s not work. It wont dial up via my firewall. I have been configured several time between Unifi device & multiple brand of firewall, it’s working fine, but that time all come with modem & router. Only the recent ZTE model single box released by TM is not working. Do you have any idea what should I do in the recent ZTE H276A? What services scenarios should select?

  5. Sam Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    My LAN and Wifi devices cannot be joined. But my internet is running well. is there any filtering or security for this. Your advice are very much appreciated. Please help. Thank you very much.

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Hi Sam,

      LAN suppose to work out of the box without any setup, unlike wifi need setup ssid & password…
      If cannot connect to modem using LAN or Wifi, u cannot check the modem settings…

      Anyhow, u can try connect LAN cable from your PC to the modem, see from the modem LAN port got green light or not, following by checking your pc networking status, check the IP address, subnet mask & gateway.
      By default, once connected PC via LAN, u will get following:

      IP address:
      Subnet mask:

      Then, u can check your dns setting, by default is using modem dns, u can try change to google dns Some configuration require to key in dns in order to access internet.

      Once LAN is working, then only u can proceed to check the wifi status…

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      When subscribe unifi, u will be provided the unifi username & password…During installation, u can get from the technician…
      On the router modem, once login, go to Internet–>WAN–>DSL–>PPPoE, u can see your username under PPP.

  6. djkaled Reply

    how can i manually slow wifi speed that connect to other device that are not mine?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      U can try the QoS to limit the bandwidth, but the setup is not straightforward…

      • Amir Reply

        Can you please explain details about QoS to limit the bandwitdth. i want to try that but i dont know how.

  7. Chai Reply

    Hi Anthony,
    I followed your instructions above. In the end, my laptop said connected but no internet. It keeps sending me to a walledgarden webpage.
    My phone line is ok, with dial tone.
    What could be the problem?
    (Can’t wait for the TM technician till Saturday…)


  8. Chai Reply

    Ok, my problem solved. Thanks for sharing the above. Will definitely need to bookmark this page for future! Thanks again!

  9. Faris Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    Im following your guide and my internet line was okay, but my telephone line cannot be used. What possible problem can be here?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Your unifi bundle with phone? My package unifi only, no house phone no.

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Iptv? My current unifi lite doest not come with set top box, in order to watch the entertainment pack channels, I need to install play tv apps on my devices where it limit to 2 devices. U required to login to the apps where the account is difference from the unifi.

      Of course, nowadays third party tv box much better, can watch anythings, just connect it to your unifi network.

        • didi2005 Post authorReply

          The unifitv/hypptv changed to play tv. U can refer to unifi website. If your unifi plan comes with set top box, u can watch directly. If no set top box, u need to install play tv apps on your tablet/phone/tvbox in order to watch..

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Hi Wan, based on the DSL Modulation Parameters, I think this modem support streamyx ADSL. U can try create new DSL connection via Internet–>WAN–>DSL–>DSL Connection as below see whether can work or not.

      Streamyx Setup on ZTE ZXHN H267A

  10. Dark_Knight Reply

    Haha, my ZTE ZXHN H267A kaput in just 2 weeks, now they replaced with TP-Link VR1200v for me, hopefully it will last longer…
    All latest modems/routers provided by Unifi have @unifi suffix on the Wireless SSID, luckily it can be removed with Postman & interceptor method…..and the DNS is hardcoded, i changed them to and but it still shows as & on summary info page, anyone know how to change it?

  11. Lokosto Reply

    Does anyone know what’s the maximum speed for 5Ghz band, useless ZTE doesn’t even have specs or manual for this model. Can’t even know what the AC value is.

  12. LOKOSTO Reply


    Muchas Gracias! At least now I can target an AC1600 or 1900 upgrade.

  13. Hafiz Reply

    Thanks bro for the guildlines. But i unable to use my hypptv box. Is there any setting need to be configure at the ZTE router?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Perhaps u can double check whether the hypptv box is connected to your unifi network, and the login is correct…

  14. Jegathisvari Reply

    My home recenty change to ZTE single box but so much issues. Not working well and phone line also not connected. Internet totally not connected even already 2 times TM technician visit and tempary rectified but after one week again same issue. Appreciated your valuable reply.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Whenever there is internet problem, I will check the following:

      1. Phone line, able to call in/out or not? DSL connected on router? Bypass splitter?

      2. If internet connected but often connection loss I will check the router DSL link information. Below is my info attached for your reference.

      Link Status Up
      Modulation Type VDSL2
      Actual Rate(Up/Down) 6143/12799 kbps
      Attainable Rate(Up/Down) 11480/57308 kbps
      Noise Margin(Up/Down) 13.4/21.3 dB
      Line Attenuation(Up/Down) 6.1/18.7 dB
      Output Power(Up/Down) 8.1/13.6 dBm
      Data Path(Up/Down) Interleaved/Interleaved
      Interleave Depth(Up/Down) 9/1655
      Interleave Delay(Up/Down) 0/15 ms
      INP(Up/Down) 0.1/16.4 symbols
      Profile 17a
      Showtime Start 10 h 18 min 27 s
      LinkEncap G.993.2_Annex_K_PTM
      CRC Errors(Up/Down) 0/0
      FEC Errors(Up/Down) 0/2293

      It can be due to many issues, such as phone line quality, modem router problem, outside telephone pole, DSLAM and etc…We can only manage to check in house phone line connection…

  15. Keith Chong Li Reply

    Have anyone here encounter the modem randomly restart during the day and consistently restart every few seconds after midnight?

    Ive only receive this when I get this particular ZTE modem. The old grey boxes were great tho, never had any problem with that.

  16. Vincent Posner Reply

    What is the USB socket on this modem model ZXHN H267A used for ?.

  17. Memoka Reply

    Hi sir .. i just did it .. but i got red ligh blinking .. means no internet conection .. how to solve that

  18. Wan Reply

    Hye man,

    Can i ask you why my wifi connected but is said no internet and internet light on modem did not turn on

    Pls reply,tq 😊

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Wan,

      Wifi is local network, even no internet connection u still can connect to wifi…If Internet light no turn on, check also the DSL/WAN light, make sure is lit on not blinking…

      • muiz Reply

        Hye, May I know how to set this modem router back to Router Mode?

        Because previously I change the mode to Bridge Mode and suddenly unable to connect to the internet and unable to access to router modem login page.

        Need your help. Thanks man!

        • Anthony Post authorReply

          If changed to bridge mode, u need to connect the router using network cable, type “” under browser url to access the router modem login page. U might need to disconnect current network, connected directly pc to router using network cable if not able to access. Once u able to login, the first page will direct u to Default Configuration Change.

  19. Stelios Reply

    What chipset does this modem have? Is it a broadcom and if yes what chip model?

  20. tikus Reply

    Hye, May I know how to set this modem router back to Router Mode?

    Because previously I change the mode to Bridge Mode and suddenly unable to connect to the internet and unable to access to router modem login page.

    Need your help. Thanks man!

  21. Arayan Reply

    Probably a silly question:
    Parental Control: Trying to block “youtube” completely! So how?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Arayan,

      Checkout my latest post on parental controls feature.

      Is very hard to completely block youtube via parental controls. I’ve tried on LAN PC, chrome youtube not able to block, but firefox & internet explorer loading slow. On wifi android phone, youtube app not able to block, but browser loading slow. U can try using below URLS and see…

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi San,

      Someone using your wifi? Did u set wifi password? If no, then faster setup wifi password…If yes, then try change new wifi password…

  22. Seng Reply

    Me also use the ZTE ZXHN H267A , why my wifi device like the wifi wall switch cannot pairing with my modem. Me using EWELINK APP to do the pairing . It keep on said no device found. Me thought my wifi wall switch got problem , me try it at my friend place n the result is everything working fine. It is my house modem problem ?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      U need to double check your wifi coverage, maybe the wifi wall switch out of wifi coverage…U also need to refer to your wifi smart switch manual, whether it support 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz only or both?

  23. Ridzuan Reply

    Hi Anthony,
    Do you know how to configure ZXHN H267A as unifi modem only. Meaning to say I want it to be function as like ZTE ZXDSL 931DII VDSL Modem.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Ridzuan,

      Basically ZXHN H267A is a wireless router modem. If u want it to act as modem only, u can just disable wireless on WLAN On/Off Configuration.

  24. Pooi Hung Soo Reply

    After I reconfigured the modem, found the internet working fine, thanks. However the phone light is not on i.e unable to make phone calls….oh! Please help, thanks.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Pooi, to hook up phone, just connect the RJ11 from your phone to the modem phone1 or phone2 port. The LED indicator by default is OFF, once you lift up your phone, you will hear dial tone, and the phone LED will blink.*single line phone

  25. Ray Reply

    I had reset my router and all the lights are active except USB/Phone/WPS therefore I couldn’t connect internet for my Phone/PC now.
    I would appreciate if you can help on this matter

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi ray
      Once u reset the router, u need to reconfigure the wireless network and internet setup…

  26. NasrulSy Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    Can i make this modem/router as a wifi router only? I have a new modem/router and the wifi is not that great.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      I think it can be done, but might need to change to router gateway mode, connect your current modem LAN port to ZTE WAN port…

      • NasrulSy Reply

        Any detailed setting on how to change the setting at ZTE modem for gateway mode after connecting those two ports?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      By default, isolation should be disable/off. Anyhow, u can login router, go to Local Network–>WLAN–>WLAN SSID Configuration–>turn off SSID Isolation.
      I think this SSID Isolation should be same as AP Isolation…

  27. Eleven Reply

    Hi hope you still following this thread as this modem is kinda outdated but am still using it so here is my question:

    How do I setup VPN on this router?

    If this model does not support VPN, am to get a new modem+router though. But please, you have any insight on my question?

  28. Mok Reply

    Hi, i have done according to your steps. My internet is not working. Before that it was working well. What i changed was from Router(HSBB) to Router (SUBB). Mine is single box. Hopefully can hear you soon.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      After u change the settings from the router Internet not working? U need to base on your type of Internet package to do settings…
      If before change settings Internet problem, then probably is the line issue…

  29. ryan Reply

    i want change my ZTE H267A VDSL modem+router to act as modem only and use tenda ac6 as my router… can it works?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Yes, disable wifi on ZTE, connect LAN cable from LAN port ZTE to Tenda wifi router WAN port, setup WIFI on Tenda, this is wired method.

  30. Jimmy Reply

    May I know if I would be able to connect to ZTE web Config using wifi only rather than LAN cable?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      If u able to access the wifi, u can login to web config, only first time setup need to use LAN cable.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      port 4 modem as network to pc?
      All the 4 LAN ports can be use to local network connect to PC…

  31. Rae Reply

    Hi Anthony

    I reset the box and setup as per your guide but in the end the light for ‘internet’ is red. The only difference I can see is the unifi username and password. Do I still need the same unifi username and password as my first time installation or can I change it? As I can’t recall the old one. Thanks a lot.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Yes, u need to use back the unifi username and password…If u forget, username can get from your bills, but the password u may need to contact Telekom…

  32. Sam Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m using this modem for 3 years. And my connection is 10mbps unifi lite. Would like to ask u, how come my connection always disconnect and reconnect itself often? Usually it happen during day time (11am-6pm), night time connection quite stable. Should i change a modem to solve this problem?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      The 10Mbps unifi lite is using copper phone line connection not fiber right?
      U can refer to my previous post on how to check the streamyx line.
      How to check TM Streamyx Line Condition

      If really line issue, u need to contact Telekom to send technician for troubleshooting.

      Of course, the very first thing u can do is bypass the splitter, see is there any improvement.

  33. Sam Reply

    Thanks for reply Anthony, go thru with ur post again. Found out that the technician didn’t help me set up PPPoe_AD (username was empty), could it possible be the reason that cause my connection always disconnect and reconnect itself randomly? Not sure, still testing. Yes my unifi lite 10mbps is using copper and not using any splitter.

    Btw, this year u earn alot in bursa? since i saw u r interested in stock investing as well? Good day…

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Copper line is very old technology which may not be so stable compared to fiber…
      Telekom is under going copper mining where they’re replacing copper to fiber stage by stage.

      Yup, this is my 4th years in stock investment, this year is my best year, more than 15% capital gain.

  34. will Reply

    I am using ZTE modem/router and currently I can’t find my chromecast device (android TV) that connected to my WIFI. Any advice any setting which I can check? for example how to disable AP isolation? I already enable uPnP.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Will,

      Android TV box all the while working, suddenly now not working without adjusting any settings on the ZTE router?
      Under router WLAN sections, I think can see the connected devices…
      Some TV Box only can work on 2.4Ghz band…U need to check your device specs…

  35. Will Reply

    Hi Anthony,

    Is a newly setup sharp android TV with built-in Chromecast. Below is reply from google team regarding to router setting. May I know is ZTE running DNS software? Is yes, how to enable google public IP addresses?
    For IGMP, I am not sure whether need to enable both IGMP snooping and IGMP proxy.

    Android TV and Chromecast do have different specs in terms of connectivity. But if all settings on your Router is aligned to whatever Chromecast requires, then there shouldn’t be an issue for you setting up your Chromecast Built-in TV. Below are the settings you might want to check on your router. Hope this helps:

    AP Isolation Mode – disabled
    VPN – Disabled
    Multicast, UPnP and IGMP – Enabled
    If your router is running DNS software, be sure to enable the following public Google DNS IP addresses: &

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Hi Will

      The ZTE DNS settings is Local Network –> DNS. By default it will use ISP address, of course u can change to google address.
      U need to make sure your android TV is connected to the network.
      Under Home page u will see WLAN devices, your TV should appear, if cannot see, u may need to check your TV network settings…

  36. 囧月 Reply


    • Anthony Post authorReply

      If hard reset, u need to reconfigure especially your unifi account

  37. f Reply

    Hi Anthony,
    do you know how to block a certain android/phone device from accessing your router/using your wifi?

    i really appreciate if you can help

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      As what I know, this model firmware is not release for public to download…What happen to your router? Even default it also cannot fix?

  38. Jo Reply

    Hi Anthony, is there backup/export function for this router modem? Trying to copy the settings and move to another device

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Yes, u can backup the config file, but can only restore back to same model of device.

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