Upgrade TM Unifi Lite Copper line to Unifi 30Mbps Fiber line

After few years of waiting, finally TM fiber available at my housing area. Hence, I decided to upgrade my Unifi Lite RM69 10Mbps running copper line to Unifi 30Mbps fiber line. The package I’ve subscribed is RM89 with 30Mbps unlimited data. The fiber port located on the phone pole 2 blocks away from my house. I’m lucky to be the 2nd fiber users…haha.


The fiber cable is slightly wider than my previous copper RJ11 phone line, where the technician did the fiber splicing and drag the fiber line from the port straight inside my house.

As usual for fiber broadband, it comes with 2 devices, where the fiber cable connected to the Huawei Optical Network Terminal, then the 100Mbps LAN output from Huawei go to Netis DL4480V1 wireless AC1200 VDSL2 Modem Router. Main setup is done on the Netis, such as Ethernet WAN, Wireless, LAN, DHCP. The Huawei is lifetime warranty where by the Netis only 1 year.

Found out that fiber initializing connection is faster compared to copper.

6 thoughts on “Upgrade TM Unifi Lite Copper line to Unifi 30Mbps Fiber line

  1. Nathan Reply

    Hi, I have similar unifi FIbre plan, how do I connect Netis DL4480V1 wireless AC1200 VDSL2 Modem Router to my PC via ethernet cable. How do I setup LAN connection in the netis modem? Thank you.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Default LAN port using ethernet cable is plug & play using dynamic IP, no need setup…Make sure u connect your PC LAN port LAN1-4 only, WAN port is for Huawei terminal…

  2. John Doe Reply

    Hi, are you able to keep your Unifi Lite phone number after the upgrade?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      No….They gave new number, different infrastructure…

  3. Jd Reply

    Hi. Did they drill a new hole for the fibre? Or they just reuse the old copper line socket?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Not using old copper wire, all your internal house phone port is useless…haha
      They will lay new fibre cable~~~

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