How to Bypass Blocked Websites or Youtube Contents

We often come across some website is not accessible, or some YouTube video content is not available in your country…This is because of the restriction/filtering by ISP…To resolve this issue, we can use VPN software in PC or VPN app in phone. Below example is using Betternet VPN software in PC.

Not only work on YouTube contents, it works on restricted websites as well.

2 thoughts on “How to Bypass Blocked Websites or Youtube Contents

  1. Akim93 Reply

    Tbh I’d suggest using Atlas VPN, their free version is awesome, they don’t limit data usage, so it is perfect for streaming

  2. Raskolnikov2 Reply

    Try free vpn who dont have log policy. I am talking about Atlas vpn, safe to use, used it for couple months and not regretting, possible will buy premium version soon.

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