Initial Setup of Mi AmazFit BIP

We need to perform initial setup for Xiaomi AmazFit BIP smartwatch before it can be use.

The screen protector is actually black cover where we can’t see through the watch display and need to remove it…I’ve has been tricked by this black cover where I thought is a see through cover, I wonder why the smart watch cannot be turn ON…haha

First step, we need to install Mi Fit app on our android phone. This app is used to pair with Mi devices, if u previously is connected to our smartwatch u need to unpair it first.
Next, U turn on the AmazFit BIP and pair with Mi Fit. Then, it will auto update resources to sync information between AmazFit BIP & Mi Fit App.

After resources, it will update GPS and A-GPS. The process takes more than 15 mins, u can just let it run automatically, once finish the smartwatch is ready to use.

When incoming call in detected, the watch will display it with vibration and allow u to choose hang up or ignore the call on the watch…Of course, need to use your phone to answer the call… Other than that, u can also view/delete incoming message such as whatsapp on your watch as well.

Other than that, u can also change the skin/layout of the watch via the Mi Fit App.

Lastly, charging is simple, just place the watch on the dock and it will charge.




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