Raspberry Pi Quick Start Guide

The Raspberry Pi is just a cpu, we still need additional items in order for it to run:

1. SD card – To install OS ( I’m using Sandisk 4GB class 2 )

2. Power Supply – To power up Raspberry Pi ( I’m using Samsung Galaxy Wonder charger )

3. Display – HDMI, RCA composite cable….Depends on your display

4. Input – USB keyboard & mouse

5. Networking – Wireless or wired

*Verified Peripherals


Since I’m using SSH to remote access the Pi, I only need a SD card, power supply, and network cable.

Before fire up the Pi, we need to install OS on the SD card. ( Refer to bottom quick start guide )

After boot up, we will enter the console mode(default) which require us to login.

After login, we can enable desktop environment by typing “startx”.

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