Streamyx Line Not Stable, Keep Disconnet

Yesterday evening my Streamyx having line not stable, keep disconnecting after certain period…

To tackle the issue, I’ve logged in router modem to check streamyx line condition and found that the SNR Margin value is only 10 or below which is relatively low that can cause sync problem thus disconnection.

I’ve tried restarted the modem few times, unplug the power for more than 15 mins, leave the modem off overnight but the problem still persist. Lastly after I’ve bypass the splitter the problem resolved.

Now the SNR Margin is back the normal and no more sync/disconnection.

Below is some simple guides to troubleshoot Streamyx slow/disconnect issue on your side before calling Streamyx support

  1. Restart modem
  2. Check Streamyx Line Condition
  3. Leave modem unplugged >15mins
  4. Bypass splitter
  5. Check phone line got tone or not

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