Dota 2 – Juggernaut

Yurnero, the Juggernaut, is a melee agility hero whose abilities allow him to sprint into battle and recklessly devastate enemies in an impenetrable flurry of blades. His abilities grant invulnerability and spell immunity, turning him into an unstoppable force on a hairpin. Juggernaut is strong both offensively and defensively, and deals heavy damage both physical and magical with his Blade Fury and Omnislash ultimate, but he possesses below average strength and intelligence attributes, so he does not have as much health and mana as other heroes and is vulnerable when his abilities are on cooldown. For this reason, although his abilities make him powerful even in the early game, he cannot charge into forces without restraint until farmed and is usually played as a carry.


1. Blade Fury – Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around Juggernaut, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.

2. Healing Ward – Summons a Healing Ward which heals all nearby allied units, based on their max health. The Healing Ward moves at 325 movement speed after being summoned. Lasts 25 seconds.

3. Blade Dance – Gives Juggernaut a chance to deal critical damage on each attack.

4. Swiftslash – Performs a quick Omnislash. *Require Aghanim’s Scepter to be unlocked.

5. Omnislash – Juggernaut leaps towards the target enemy units, and then slashes the target and other nearby enemy units at an increased attack rate. Juggernaut is invulnerable for the duration.

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