How to Free Unban from Counter Strike 1.6 Server 2018

Counter Strike 1.6 is the only online FPS game I’m still playing. My son also joining me play together recently. When we die many times, nothing happen…But when I killed many, the so called VIP/Admins will ban us from playing on their servers…

The banning is based on steam id created when installing counter strike. Even u reinstall again, u still using the same steam id…I’ve tried many ways such as using console “commentator xo03335162″, or using “steamid changer dll & asi” file, but all failed…The best way I found is to use Cheat Engine to modify the steam id every time before connecting to the particular banned server.

Below is the banned UGC server.

In order to get your steam id, u need to connect to other server.

Once get inside, pull down the console by clicking the “~” key, type status and u can see your steam id. Write down the id so that next time no need to repeat this process again.

Next, we open Cheat Engine, Select the process, choose Counter Strike, and Open it.

Enter the steam id and click Scan. Once your found the address, edit the steam id and click OK.

Now u can join the banned server and have fun. *Beware of those unmature VIP/Admin, change a normal name & keep low profile…haha

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