Fix BIOS has been reset

My friend’s PC when turn on, will halt on BIOS screen where not able to load Windows.

This is due to the CMOS battery that store the BIOS settings weak, causing BIOS reset to default. To double confirm this issue is very simple, once the reconfigured the boot sequence correctly and able to load Windows successfully.

Once we turn it OFF for sometimes and turn on the PC again, BIOS reset screen will pop out again. Then we can confirm is the CMOS battery issue.

Another method is that we can use multi-meter to measure the CMOS battery voltage, default is 3V, the one I measured only gave 1V reading.

To replace the CMOS battery on desktop PC is easy, open side casing and u can find the battery on the motherboard.

The CMOS battery is CR2032 type, with 3V.

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