Fix Incorrect Disk Storage Size of USB Pen Drive Using BootIce

I’ve messed up my Kingston 8GB usb pendrive where it no longer detected on Windows 7. When I double click the removable disk, it will pop up Insert disk message…This is due the drive file system is corrupted, because I’ve used the disk part command to recover the full capacity wrongly…haha

Thus, this time I use software to do the recovery. Bootice is a portable freeware that allows you to modify, backup and restore the Master Boot Record and the Partition Boot Record) of local or removable drives. It can also be used to backup, restore, or modify an MBR or PBR and much more.

Run BootIce software, it will detect your usb pendrive on destination disk, click “disk manage”. Below screen will shown and click “Remove Drive Letter”.

U can assign new letter or use the previous ones. It my case, I assigned a new letter.

After that, we click on “Format this part” to format the drive.

U can select the file system or edit the volume label, then click “Start” to start formatting.

After formatting, your drive full capacity will be recognized by Windows.

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