Fix Mi Pad 1 Not Charging

My wife’s Mi pad 1 having charging issue, where not able to charge…Tried different cable, adapter, but still the same, where the Mi pad auto shutdown due to low battery. At first thought that the battery problem, but after changed new battery still the same, lastly found out is due to faulty charging port on the pad…

Anyhow, below is the steps to replace the charging port & the battery.

1. Shutdown the pad

2. Take out sim card slot, remove the back cover *Adhesive tape on the board cover

3. Remove all the screws & open the board cover *Some hidden screw below the tiny sticker

4. Unlock the battery connector, take out the battery by pulling the 2 “battery unremovable” mylar *adhesive tape on the back of the battery, so need some patience & force

5. Transfer the mylar & adhesive tape from old battery to new battery

6. Unscrew 4 screws and take out the 2 speakers, unlock the charging port connector and take out the cable *adhesive tape below the port, hidden screw under tiny sticker

7. Assembly back every things and now the Mi Pad is able to charge again. There are many types of charging port, non genuine port speaker volume low, cable easy break,  and not supporting fast charging & data transfer, so better go for genuine one, the price not much different.

8. When facing not able to charge issue, go for the charging port first, follow by battery, can save a lots. haha

Those looking for Mi pad 1 or 2 accessories, such as charging port, volume button board, battery can etc can contact me.




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