Fix Perodua Bezza Fuel Lid Not Pop Out or Open

When I reached petrol station and want to refuel, I pulled up the remote fuel lid lever located on the lower right side of the driver’s seat to unlock the fuel lid, I felt the lever is lighter than usual and the fuel lid is not pop out or open at all…I’ve tried several times pulling the lever but still the same…end up go back home first…

Search online, some car got backup lever located on the trunk, but not my Perodua Bezza…Then I tried to pull out the hard cover in the trunk and I saw the fuel lid door mechanism near the fuel lid area.

For Bezza, the fuel lid/door itself is triggered open by a mechanical lever. The lever operated fuel door devices is commonly attached to a spring-operated locking mechanism located behind the fuel door. As the level is pulled in an upward direction, a cable attached to the lever and to the spring operated locking device is pulled at the same time. When this occurs, the spring operated lock will “click” the fuel door open, allowing you to put fuel inside the fuel tank. In my case, the cable slip out of position and did not engaged properly…

It’s a good idea to have a extra hands to help you do the checking, as one person will have to pull the lever at the source, while the other inspects the connection on the fuel door for activity of the cable. While one person pulls up on the cable, note the action of the cable. If the cable is moving but the door does not click, the problem will be the locking mechanism and not the cable. If the cable does not move, but is secure on the lever, you’ll have to remove and replace the cable as its most likely damaged somewhere in between the two connections.

For my case,  I just need to adjust the cable according to above diagram, and finally the fuel lid is able to open by pulling the lever. Make sure close and open few times to double confirm.

*Do not attempt to pry out fuel lid where it will scratches the paint or damage the fuel lid door




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