How to fix TM Streamyx slow torrent/p2p download or throttling

Recently found out that Streamyx is restricting bittorrent/P2P downloads where the download speed is very slow (less than 10Kb) or totally not moving at all even with many seeds & peers.

After searched through Internet, found out that we can bypass this restriction by using VPN. I’ve tried few VPN software that can do the works, but with limitation of bandwidth per day. At last, I’ve found this CyberGhost VPN which is totally free to use with unlimited bandwidth. Of course, there is no free lunch in the world…Free edition need to wait before connected to the VPN, and after 3 hours it will disconnect and need to wait again before reconnected. Other than that, paid version contains more features such as Unblock Streaming, Torrent Anonymously, Choose own Server and etc. Anyhow, free edition is enough to get rid of Streamyx P2P restriction.

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