Streamyx 4M Package

All the while I’m using Streamyx 1Mbps package, but getting slow due to media size is getting bigger, always lagging/buffering when watching streaming media… I did waiting for Unifi service,  but it still not available at my area…TM currently only offered up to Streamyx 4Mbps package only, thus I give it a try.

Off course, if compared to Unifi, Streamyx 4Mbps is still slower, but compared toStreamyx 1Mbps, speed is 4 times increased. Below is the line info before & after upgrade. We can see that the download speed is increased to around 5Mbps, but the upload speed remain the same.

Below is the speed test from Ookla.

Different between Unifi & Streamyx:

1. Technology

Streamyx connects to the internet using an older, slower broadband technology called xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line).  DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data over traditional copper telephone lines already installed in homes and businesses. The download speed is faster than upload speed.

UniFi connects to the internet using a faster broadband technology – fibre-optic cables.  Fibre optics transmits data at speeds far exceeding current DSL or cable modems. The download & upload speed is same.

2. Extra feature

Unlike Unifi, Streamyx packages do not include HyppTV services, where u need to add on and pay extra money.

3. Pricing

Streamyx pricing is started from RM110 (1M), RM130 (2M), RM140 (4M) and RM180 (6M).

Unifi pricing is started from RM149 (5M), RM199 (10M), RM249 (20M).


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