Unbox Refurbished Dell Optiplex 780 Desktop PC

My desktop PC (>10 years) finally broke down due to motherboard issue, no display…My house got 3 AM2 socket motherboard, but all dead…I’ve surveyed online, AM2 used/new motherboard selling RM200-400…If build new one using latest AMD Ryzen platform with below 3 items, cost around RM900…


Lastly I’ve decided to give refurbish desktop pc a try, below is the best offer I can get.

RM169 only enough to purchase new 4GB DDR4 ram, based on the advertised specs, Intel C2D 3Ghz, 2GB ram, 160GB HDD, is better than my faulty desktop PC. Thus, I gave a try and ordered. After few days, the item arrived.

The item was well packaged with bubble wrap, and came with power chord.

There are 4 types of Dell Optiplex 780 series, according to the seller, the one I brought is Small Form Factor (SFF) type, but from the Optiplex 780 series manual, mine is actually Desktop Computer (DT), which is 1 more pci slot longer than SFF…

Anyhow, as compared to my old Full ATX casing, this type is much smaller.

Below is the internal view after open the side cover, based on the side cover marking, this cpu is manufactured on year 2010, which is 8 years old cpu, haha. Internal components are quite clean, found little bit of dust only. It came with 4 DIMMs, which support up to 2GB DDR3, max up to 8GB (2GBx4).

The one I got is 2 x 1GB DDR3, which mix of Kingston & Samsung ram…Luckily no issue running dual channel…

The optical drive is SATA DVD-ROM only, and HDD is SATA Western Digital Caviar Blue 160GB, the HDD manufacturing date matched with the cpu, which I believed is the original HDD. IDE is not supported.

Based on the BIOS info, the processor I got is Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93Ghz with 3MB L2 cache, not as advertised 3Ghz which I thought is Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E7600/3.06GHz, 3M, 1066FSB. Anyhow, is only minor difference on the speed haha…

The cpu cames with windows, and work out of the box, but I’m not using the HDD for OS, I’ve put in my old Kingston 60GB SSD as my OS, and the 160GB HDD use as storage purpose…(*I just simply tie up the SSD drive)

Found out that even the mainboard came with 3 SATA ports, but there is only 2 power sockets for the SATA devices…I have to sacrifice the DVD-ROM, luckily I seldom use and got external DVD burner…I wonder how to use the 3rd SATA port without power socket???

There is no PS/2 ports for keyboard/mouse…. Luckily usb wireless dongle is supported out of the box and can temporary use my Logitech MK250 wireless keyboard. The sad thing is my old ATI Radeon HD5450 graphic card cannot fit in…

I’ve installed fresh Windows 7, and to my surprise everything work out of the box such as networking, display and etc, no need to install any drivers. The is the first time I use DELL desktop, found that the chasis design very good, no need screws, all using slots for devices.

Performance wise, I found out that this cpu is much faster compared to my old pc using same 2GB ram, perhaps due to higher 3MB L2 cache. For the built in display wise, I can’t notice any differences on watching youtube, playing videos files  as compared to my old radeon HD5450 graphic card.

The only drawback is there is not much upgraded options for this types of business desktop except adding more ram…

Anyhow, with less than RM180, nothing much I can complain for. haha

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