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After so many years waiting, finally Unifi is available at my area. I’ve applied yesterday below Unifi Lite 10Mbps plan where the monthly fee is RM129 without GST.

The plan is actually RM99, bundle with entertainment pack Jumbo RM30 (hypp tv channels). Noticed that this plan difference with Unifi Advance plan, only free wireless router, no dect phone & unifi TV Set-Top-Box(STB).

Today the tech came and installed unifi. He went up to the phone pole and connect to new phone number. According to him, my area is actually VDSL supported to get the unifi speed, not fully fibre optic, thus it can use back the existing Streamyx infrastructure. Then he installed the new ZTE AXHN H267A home gateway(wireless router). Not like those other unifi fibre plan, came with modem & wireless router, mine only single device, no fibre cable, only normal RJ11 phone cable. haha

Whole installation only took him around 30mins, and my unifi is up. Below is the speed test result.

I also tested YouTube video, auto quality is HD 720P, play smoothly without delay. P2P download also fast.

Last few days TM marketing called my wife and persuade her to upgrade existing 4M Streamyx to 10M Unifi Lite with same monthy fee of RM140 without GST. But I found that Unifi Lite plan only cost RM129 per month. The difference is unlimited national calls…Frankly speaking, I never use the local TM phone line. Thus,  my wife called up and ask for change package, but they just reject the upgrade offer. Luckily I able to apply again and get it done. Next Monday need to go TM to terminate the Streamyx.

Previous plan Streamyx 4M/512k @ RM140/month *without GST
New plan UnifiLite 10M/5M @ RM129/month *without GST

Faster download & upload speed with cheaper price, worth to apply.


14 thoughts on “Unifi Lite

  1. Shah Reply

    How you change the modulation type to VDSL2? Mine still ADSL2+. Please teach me.

  2. Anthony Reply

    Hi Shah,

    The modulation settings is under Internet–> DSL Modulation Parameters. By default is enabled…
    This modulation is based on the phone line outside your house, perhaps your line only support up to ADSL2+…

  3. Amar Afiq Harun Reply

    Hi may i know does unifi lite still using the telephone port same as streamyx? Or they will rewire the wiring?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      There is 2 types, those real fiber is using fiber optic cable…
      Another type is using old phone cable like streamyx, where is not real fiber, but capable to run at 10Mbps…
      If using real fiber, i believe free turbo upgrade to 100Mbps will be faster compared to phone line that need to replace whole infrastucture…

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      I think can be removed, but stick very hard, better don’t…haha

  4. Mazni Reply

    Hi. Maaf x reti nk taip in English sgt. Sy pun apply unifi 10mbps ni. Baru je pasang. Pakej ni mmg xdpt telefon ke? N telefon rumah ttiba x dpt pakai, nape yer?

    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      Hi abang mazni

      Setahu saya, jika mao bundle telefon line pun boleh, tapi mahal sikit. Jika tak bundle macam saya, memang talian telefon lama tak boleh pakai dah.

  5. Natra Reply

    Just want to know, have you tried with Netflix? How is the experience? Smooth streaming?

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      No subscribe Netflix, cannot answer u…But on youtube, auto is 720p, both 720p & 1080p can be play smoothly, except 1080p loading lower. Anyhow, I noticed that the line speed vary every time u connect internet, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, depends on your luck haha.

    • Anthony Post authorReply

      Monthly price is RM129+ SST = RM136.xx…
      Those who get free upgrade to 100Mbps then happy lo, like me only 10Mbps then rugi lo…haha

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