Upgrade Huawei Honor 3C from Android JellyBean to KitKat

For Malaysia version of Huawei Honor 3C, it came with Android 4.2.2 JellyBean. After 1 year plus of using, it finally came with International release of KitKat ROM.

Firmware Details

  • Device: Honor 3C
  • Model: H30-U10
  • Android: v4.4.2 KitKat
  • EMUI: 3.0
  • Firmware: B320
  • Build: V100R001C900B320
  • Region: Malaysia
  • Date: 3-06-2015
  • Status: Official
  • Type: Stable
  • Size: 895 MB
    Download Link: Click here to download B320 update for Huawei Honor 3C.

Below is the upgrade step:

Step 1. Make sure your Honor 3C is South Asian H30-U10 model running B110, B113, B115  or B127 Jelly Bean firmware (EMUI 2.0) onboard and has not been unlocked or rooted. Your phone also needs to be running the stock Jelly Bean recovery.

Step 2. Download the zipped firmware from above and extract the Update.app file

Step 3. Connect your Honor 3C to the computer via a USB connection in mass storage mode. Make sure the SD Card is formatted in FAT32 filesystem.

Step 4. Copy “Update.app” to the “dload” folder of the external SD card. Also make a backup of your current data including contacts, messages, apps and settings. ( U can use the Huawei HiSuite to backup )

Step 5. Disconnect the USB cable and turn off your phone.

Step 6. Reboot into SD upgrade mode by holding Vol Up + Vol Down + Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. (*Make sure your battery is more than 30%)

When the mobile phone vibrates, release the power button. Do not release the volume up and down buttons until below screen shown.

Step 7. It’ll take some times for the update to finish. After that your phone will reboot into the new KitKat OS. (*first boot a bit slow, be patient)

The new KitKat OS is working well on my phone, I’ve tested the wifi, bluetooth, sound, camera and etc, so far no problem.

Credit to CarbonTesla

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    • didi2005 Post authorReply

      If your Honor 3C is South Asian H30-U10 model running B110, B113, B115 (recommended) or B127 Jelly Bean firmware (EMUI 2.0), should be no problem.

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