ZXHN H267A as Samba Share Folder using USB port

There is a usb port on the ZXHN H267A router, where we can actually enable the samba service and share the usb storage drive out within the same network.

The setup is very simple.

  1. Login to router, enable samba services, edit the host name, On Anonymous if allow access with login.
  2. Next, we can just plug in any USB storage drive on the router, I’ve tried 4GB & 32GB, both working fine.
  3.  To access the USB storage, on the client pc, go to run and type “\\hostname” and press Enter, and it will open the samba folder and able to access the storage drive.

This is very convenient and simple to share files using usb storage drive on the network rather than setup folder sharing on PC which require certain level of networking skill.

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