Dell Optiplex 780 Upgrade RAM

I’ve decided to upgrade memory or RAM for the newly brought refurbished Dell Optiplex 780. This pc mainboard came with 4 DIMMs, 2 DIMMs has been taken for 2 x 1GB DDR3 ram.
Based on the manual, below is the combination of memory.

For my case, either upgrade to 3GB (3 DIMM) or 4GB (4DIMM) is avaiable. Thus, I decided to upgrade to 4GB where I need to get another 2 x 1GB DDR3 ram.
As usual, I brought 2 x 1GB Hynix DDR3 ram for below seller, RM17 each, plus shipping cost me RM37.04.

In order to put these 2 extra ram, I need to remove the optical drive because it blocked the 4th DIMM.

After insert ram, put back the optical drive & close back the cover, switch on machine, no error, upgrade is done.

Since I’m only use this pc for normal browsing & downloading, I can’t feel much on the 4GB ram, perhaps when running heavy application likes Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop then only can notice the differences…haha

For this dell unit, I’ve upgraded SSD drive & 4GB ram, left back the extra sata port without power cable whereby I got many hdd left…

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