ZTE ZXHN H267A Parental Controls

There is Parental Controls feature on the ZTE ZXHN H267A router modem, where user can setup to block URL/websites/web devices that not suitable/allow to access via the router modem.

To setup parental controls, login router modem, go to Internet–>Parental Controls, click “Create New Item”. Enter name, choose Action and schedules accordingly, and click “Apply”.

3 types of actions:

  • IP address – Block website/devices IP address
  • MAC filter – Block device MAC address
  • URL filter – Block website using URL/domain name

3 types of schedules:

    • Always – Enable
    • Schedule – Specific days, time
    • Never – Disable

Below is the example using URL filter to block my anthonystudio.net website.

*Maximum 5 URLs in one rule
Once applied, anthonystudio.net is blocked immediately.

I’ve tried setup MAC filter for my android phone also, once enable my phone connect to wifi network but no internet access at all. Youtube app show offline, facebook app only show previous cache, no update.

By using URL filter, able to block any website even facebook.com as well. But social media site like  youtube, instagram and etc not able to block, perhaps due to the web design…

Even parental controls is not powerful enough to fully filter out everything, but parent can use it to limit the internet access time on their children device by using MAC filter & schedule duration, or prevent access to adult site by using URL filter.

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  1. rodjen Reply

    I tried with my modem but still not working

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